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Pet Portraits

mini doggo.jpg
mini doggo2.jpg

Pet Portrait with Mini Easel - $45

Little 4x4 (inches) painting includes protective packaging so ensure it doesn't get damaged in the mail and mini easel for display. Painting can be easily removed from packaging if you would wish to frame it instead.


5x7 Pet Portrait - $100

6x6 Pet Potrait - $100


6x8 Pet Portrait - $120

lab puppy.jpg

8x10 Pet Portrait - $175

Wedding Portraits

wedding photo 3.jpg

4x6 - $90

5x7 - $100

emmy and brian.jpg

6x8 - $120

8x10 - $175

Houses and Churches


4x6 - $90

marco house.jpg

$5x7 - $100

6x8 - $120


8x10 - $175

Babies and Dog Cartoon - 8x10 for $50

jack and piper.jpg
baby garcia and benny.jpg

How To Get A Painting

So you're interested in a custom painting - fantastic! Feel free to reach out to me on my contact submission page, I usually will respond within 24 hours. Then send me the photo you would like painted - or a bunch if you just can't decide on one. Please keep in mind I paint almost exactly what I see, if you would like any small changes, like no collar, simpler background, no background, please let me know! The more specific you are the better. Turn around time is roughly one week. Once you are happy with the portrait I can send you a link to my Etsy where you can purchase the painting. (You won't see YOUR painting in the listing, those are just other examples.) Then I package it with care to ensure safe travels, through USPS! Reach out to me if you have any other questions :)

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